Friday, December 26, 2014


My first attempt at a short animation, in retrospect given the short time frame I had to make this I was way in over my head but I got it done. It's nowhere near as polished as I'd had originally hoped but it was a learning experience. I was also learning TV Paint as I was creating this animation so that didn't help much but I now have a lot to take into my next projects. If nothing else I hope you enjoy the concept of this short piece :)


Robert Insdel said...

i remember first work in progres when you post it on Da , now its look great :) waiting for next animation :)

oh and 1 thing : in what program you made it ?

Hugh said...

Thatnks Rob! I made this using "TV Paint Animation". It's quite a powerful program once you learn how to use it :)

Robert Insdel said...

mhmmm TVP you say ... i was trying this program, but i think PS + AF is also good :)

I have TVPaint on DA in friend list, i saw animation what ppl do in it , its awesome but form some1 who is noob :P its kinda weird program, little look like flash :)

Thx for answer m8 :) said...

Well your first attempt at a short animation is really amazing i wish you best of luck for your future thanks for sharing this information with us.